Some highlights from the Rampey Family Reunion:

1. Seeing our dog, who is still a little skittish, sit patiently by while our two-year-old cousin "petted" her (while also kind of poking her in the eyes).

2. Lots and lots of storytelling, often by multiple people at the same time.

3. Hearing my nearly 85-year-old great uncle talk about how he enjoyed his water skiing on Saturday, but had to take it easy because he was worried about falling forward on his pacemaker.

4. Seeing all my cousins now as parents.

5. Here's one that is a little painful: Seeing videos of myself from former reunions and other family activities - including the ones of myself in a swimsuit at the age of 14. In the words of my aunt: Those weren't exactly my skinniest years.

6. Eating four different flavors of homemade ice cream in one single night. Plus pound cake. Plus cookies. Plus a burger. (Perhaps I should see above.)

7. Waterskiing and tubing.

8. Getting to look at old pictures - some of my grandfather when he was young and very handsome in his army uniform. Others of my parent's wedding, and of my dad before he grew his ubiquitous and ever-present mustache.

9. Finding out we're related to Pocohontas. Or so they tell us.

10. Being reminded of the rich Christian heritage that God blessed me with.


Melanie said…
Makes me wish we could have made it... I sure am glad to be a Rampey. Too bad Table Rock is a little too far for Andrew to take call from.
abram.rampey said…
how are we related to pocohontas.

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