A new experience

On our way up to Greenwood, I experienced something totally new. I was "that slow car."

Being a consistent 8 mph over the speed limit driver, I often get stuck behind "that slow car." You know - it's the car that is driving significantly slower than the rest of traffic, and when you get stuck behind it you will get passed by two cars and three semis before you can go around it. Whenever that happens to me, I sit there fuming and thinking to myself, "You moron - why can't you drive the speed limit?!?"

I learned that sometimes, the reason they aren't driving the speed limit is because they can't. Maybe the 21 year old truck they have to follow for 3 hours physically cannot drive faster than 63 mph, unless they are going down a hill, in which case they might top 67.


Anonymous said…
While the facts of this post are technically "correct." I do object to the tone in which it is written. I, personally, would like to see a little more respect for the elderly trucks among us.

I actually found it quite relieving to drive a little slower. I actually got to see some of the lovely South Carolina country side, rather than just buzzing by it. And I was quite free to enjoy it, as I was not preoccupied with looking out for cops, it was nice not to worry about speeding tickets. I also feel like both of us now have a new appreciattion for just how far technology has brought us over these last hundred years. It was not so long ago that 63 mph was a speed to be marvelled at!

-Jeff, still proud owner of Junior!
abram.rampey said…
i know what you mean i drove to georgia in the volvo, which wouldn't have been that bad had the clutch not been nearly broken. nevertheless i spent some time just trying to get the car just to shift into fifth gear. try going down the highway in fourth an see how many times you get passed
steven said…
Seriously, when I moved to Indiana, Budget gave me the worst truck on their lot, and I could only go about 63 for 15 hours! I thought I was going to loose it for sure!

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