Speaking of small creatures...

Well, I caught a rat. He chose wisely. He choose the live trap, and at least extended his life, if not preserved it totally. Although, I think there might be more rats, so I gotta put the trap back out.

And what in the world am I going to do with a live rat?


Kathleen Marie said…
He doesn't look like a very big rat in the photo. He looks like a baby rat really so you maybe right, there maybe more.

What to do with live rat. Well, the make good snake food - horrid thought I know.
Melanie said…
Too bad we brought Jessie to Iowa with us - I think she'd know what to do with your rat.
Jeff said…
Well, I just set the rat free. Part of me is happy to know that he is no longer all caged up, now he is running free. But part of me is sad, to think that he'll probably get eaten by a larger animal tonight. And part of me wonders... is it illegal to set a rat loose on the edge of the Holiday Inn parking lot? Thankfully, as I left he was hopping through the grass towards the bushes. Hopefully he can start a happy new life there.
kshomo said…
Jeff, you're a true Good Samaritan!

Then again, the Good Samaritan not only brought the man to the Inn but also left money for his care. Well, you're halfway there anyway.


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