I give you two (2) choices....




Take your pick, Mr. Rat. But you may not enjoy the run of the house while my wife and I are sleeping, leaving your little tell-tale signs throughout the kitchen and dining room, acting like you own the place. That is unacceptable.


Melanie said…
just be glad it's not a possum in your kitchen ... he was my personal favorite pilgrim at ashley ave.
Jeff said…
Update: This battle has been taken to another level. This morning I awoke to find the bait had been taken from the death trap without springing the trap.
And the bait in the live trap had been tampered with, and the trap was sprung, but alas, there was nobody trapped inside!!! This rat is messing with me, and I don't like it.

This means war.
Melanie said…
Yes, that means war... or it means possum.
Aubrey said…
The strange thing to me about this is that so far the only evidence we've found of any kind of rodents are these tiny little pellets of poop on the floor. No gnawed bread, no half eaten fruit, nothing. When I first saw them, I wasn't even sure what it was because in the past when we've had rodents, it's been very, very obvious. So we'll try again tonight.

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