Step 2 is over!!

So this is what my day consisted of: Getting up early, showering, and driving over to West Ashley. There, I entered the Prometric testing center where my photo ID was checked against the name on my registration. And then i signed in, but the lady actually made me resign my name because it didn't look identical to the signature on my license. The next 7 or so hours consisted of me sitting in a cold room, trying to remember everything I've learned this year. I bet all of you wish you could do this. :)

Thankfully, though, it did go pretty well, and now it's over! No more tests this year!! Hard to believe that was my last test of medical school. I really like the way that sounds. ANd now Jeff and I are leaving to go up to Clemson to have some more time on the boat! I love Labor Day.


Marty said…
Hooray, only one more 'step' to go! 4th year is so much fun, do you think they'd let me go back?

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