What's in a Name?

Many friends and family are now in the stage of life where they are starting to have babies. There is always much spirited discussion about what to name the baby. So for all my readers, I offer this blog post as a free bit of advice. I have spent the last three years (almost) working at a credit union in downtown Charleston. Which means I have lots of contact with the African American community, and boy do they know how to name their children. "Wilhelmina" and "Earthalee" are standards. Nothing to bat an eye at.

Want your child to grow to be royalty? Give them a head start with their name, I have personally met people with the first name, "Mister", "Queen", "Princess", "La'Royalty", and I've heard about a "Ya'Majesty" (thanks Melanie).

Last week I met "Rearthuree" which I'm not exactly sure how you pronounce. I often see a lady named "Monalitha" whose middle name is "Alien." Although I think I recently found the name to end all names. Can't settle on just one good name? This is for you. Last Friday before leaving worked I helped a 22 year old open up a new account. His full given name was...... "Charles Fitzgerald Leviticus Demetrius Quantay Shakah Xavier Tootah Noble." No kidding, his drivers liscence had six of the middle initials, the last one wouldn't fit. Several of the spellings are estimates, as even Charles didn't know the exact spelling. But I wrote it down while he was there, because I knew it was too good to risk forgetting.


Melanie said…
Finally! The advice we've been waiting for all along. Jeff, you should write a book.

I'll have to consult Andrew, but I think we'll just use up all of the names on our list on this kid. And I think Tootah is a nice one to add in there, too(tah).
Ken Shomo said…
Is "Rearthuree" meant to mean "Year 3"?

Man, those are some names... Hard to beat Ya'Majesty.

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