Today I, Jeff, am 29 years old. So far, this is the oldest I've ever been. I don't want this age to come without wisdom, so I thought I should pause a moment to reflect on what this means...

1. Only one more year of being in my twenties. (yikes!!)
2. Which means I only have one more year to accomplish my life goal of being fluent in greek by the time I'm 30.
3. Its gonna be time to start a real career soon.
4. I'm still older than little brother Andrew. (hehehe) But still younger then older brother bro.
5. If I were John Calvin I would have published a 500 page theological standard setter by now. Thank goodness I didn't fall into that trap, whew!

Year 29 got off to a good start this morning with some baked oatmeal, and had a sweet end tonight with some homemade german chocolate cake. The picture above makes it look like Aubrey and I really lived it up in celebration, but that pic is not actually from today.

Year 28 highlights include...

1. Road trip involving rocky mountain national park.
2. Taking Aubrey to Wrigley Field.
3. Big promotion at work.
4. Becoming an uncle. Twice.
5. Holding my nephew. Once, the other's still cooking.

What will this year hold?


Melanie said…
Happy Birthday, Jeff! I'm sorry we missed it. Iowa (or maybe the residency-pregnancy combo) has made us forgetful. We hope the celebrations continue!
:) Andrew, Melanie & your cooking niecephew
Peter said…
Congrats, Jeff! I was relieved not to have fallen into Calvin's "standard setter" trap as well. :)
dad said…
Jeff -

"A wise son brings joy to his father..." Prov 10:1. Just want you to know that you bring me much joy! Happy birthday again.

Ken Shomo said…

Happy belated birthday. My week was crazy and puppy filled, so I didn't see your post till tonight. Sorry I missed the big day. Wow, you're young.


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