I hate being a patient

This morning, after I woke up and my throat hurt even worse, I decided to had to take the plunge and go see a doctor. Sometimes, it's hard for me to do that, because I don't want to be one of those patients who go to the doctor for every little virus that comes along. But I could barely swallow this morning, plus my back was killing me. So my dear husband takes me to the student health center. The doctor there, who I've gotten to know fairly well since he taught a small group class I was in, took one look inside my throat and decided he needed to do a strep test. With a flashlight, I've been trying to peek inside my throat using the bathroom mirror, and so far hadn't seen anything that looked too bad. My throat was red, but I couldn't see anything else. Apparently, though, now I have pus on both tonsils. So after he vigorously swabbed both sides of my throat and gagged me pretty well, the strep test came back positive. I have strep throat. Which, in many ways is comforting, since at least now I know what I have and can start some medicine. Plus, he gave me some lidocaine (a numbing medicine) and told me to mix it with liquid benadryl and gargle. My throat now feels marginally better, and I've started my antibiotics. Hopefully I'm on my way to feeling better. Although he did say I'd probably continue to feel bad for another day or two. So it looks like today is another lay on the couch day.

The fun thing, though, was that Jeff and I went to Starbucks and I got a frappuccino. Yum.

Oh yeah....so I must say Go Gamecocks! I listened to the game on the radio last night and even though they lost, they played really, really well against Auburn, the #2 team in the nation. We almost tied it up right at the end. Judging by how we had played earlier in the season, I thought we might get creamed. But we hung in there and had some really great drives. Maybe this won't be such a bad season, after all.


Melanie said…
Sorry about the strep throat. Impressive, though, that you got it in just a couple days at the pediatricians'. And Go Gamecocks, indeed. We spent last night at a restaurant in town that has 4 HUGE television screens and made sure that Iowans heard some Gamecock cheering. The whole game actually looked like a football game!

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