Labor Day at our Lake House

So for Labor Day this last weekend Aubrey and I went up to our lake house in the upstate. Technically speaking, its Aubrey's parents house, but it is near the lake, so we consider it to be our lake house. And last summer they bought a ski boat to entice us to come visit more often, and I must say, their plan has worked beautifully.

I have finally learned to water ski:

And as you can see, Brendall is keeping a close eye on me in case I fall, which I did often. This last weekend Father-in-law Stan got out a second pair of skis which they had bought, while complaining that they were more expensive, and he had no idea why. Well as it turned out, they were about 100 million times easier to use than the others. Aubrey successfully completed her goal of learning to slalom:

I also gave slaloming a try....

Although the real miracle of that picture is that is was taken in the one small fraction of a second in which I was upright on one ski. By the time the shutter had finished closing I was sprawled out all over the water.

When she wasn't skiing, Aubrey looked cute sitting in the back of the boat...

Somehow when I did my 360-double-sommersault, the camera wasn't charged. Oh well. Maybe next time...


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