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Last weekend on a lovely trip to the beach a unfortunate thing happened. My cell phone was in the bottom of the beach bag, and one of our water bottles(not a nalgene) came open. The bag holds water pretty well, and tragically, my phone drowned.

So last week I got a new phone. I had had my old phone for almost 3 years. I knew it. I loved it. It was hard to see it go. It was a fairly basic phone, but a good phone. I always knew which end to put up to my ear, and which end to put to my mouth. And I could always tell when someone was calling because of the familiar ringing sound it emitted.

My new phone has all the bells and whistles. Referring to it as simply "a phone" is almost an injustice to its capabilities. I refer to it instead as my "camephonevideocalendalarmclock." Its amazing how technology can impact your life. For example, since owning my new phone, I have changed in several ways.

1. I have a greater desire to take pictures of all sorts of things.
2. I have subdivided my friends into more categories than ever before, having realized that I have the need to know what category of person is calling simply by the way the phone rings.
3. I am more aware than ever of how often I don't get phone calls. Why don't I hear any of my 12 possible rings more often?


Ken Shomo said…
I'll tell you what. Move me up to the higher friendship rung and I'll call. I refuse to call knowing the ringtone isn't worthy of all the effort I've put into this relationship.

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