keep the kids away....

After only 3 days on my new pediatrics rotation, I got sick. It started yesterday morning with a half sore throat. (As in the right half is sore, while the left half seems to be ok. Strange, I know.) Thinking I would be fine once I got moving, I went to work anyway. For a while, I felt ok, but after lunch I started getting that achy feverish feeling that only comes along when you have things like the flu.

Apparently, in spite of all the vaccines I have received for every possible communicable disease, my immune system clearly wasn't prepared.....for the big, scary threat that sick 2-3 year olds pose.

Today I'm exceedingly thankful to God that he has provided me with a huge sam's-size bottle of ibuprofen. I'd be even more miserable without that wonderful medicine. Even though I'm not one to take lots of medicine, I have been downing those little salmon-colored pills around the clock.

God bless modern medicine.


Megan said…
So sorry! Yep, those pint sized ones can be pretty threatening...
Jeff said…
Yup, and today the roles are reversed. I am playing the doctor, and Aubs gets all the chocolate milk!

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