Peach Season

Sigh. I think we've hit the end of peach season. All summer long, I've been enjoying lots of lots of peaches. At its height, I was eating at least 2 peaches a day. I couldn't go to the grocery store enough to keep us in stock. And now, sadly, I think peach season is over. All the inexpensive local peaches in the grocery store have been replaced by NC apples. Which are also good, but not peaches. I think if there is a fruit that tastes like summer, peaches are it. I have one peach left of what must have been the last delivery to the grocery store of peaches. My favorite breakfast lately, courtesy of my friend Rachel, has been a cut-up peach topped by some Dannon light and fit vanilla yogurt, a little drizzle of honey, and crunched up cereal. Yum. And good for you.

Well....I should leave for work. Today is my last day on my externship! Which doesn't mean much, but I don't think I"ll be on call again until I start residency. Yay.


Melanie said…
We've been mourning the loss of nectarines around here. For some reason our peaches were okay (guess we're too far away from Georgia) but our nectarines were fabulous.

I recommend pears. I've decided that pears are my new fall fruit obsession.

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