Been thinking a lot today about 9/11. Like most of the nation.

I was sleeping, actually, when the two planes hit the two towers. My roommate woke me up because someone had called her. I just remember being confused and horrified. It was awful to watch, especially since I saw both towers fall, knowing that was the end for so many. I cut one of my classes that day, just wanting to know more about what was happening. In the afternoon, though, I went to this class I had called "Echoes in Blues" where we were learning how to play harmonica. I do remember we played a very lovely and soulful version of "Amazing Grace." My non-believing professor I don't think really ever got the song, but for me it was such a wonderful reminder that God is good, even in the midst of tragedy that I couldn't understand. Even though this terrible thing was happening, I could remember that Jesus died to save a wretch like me, and I have no hope except in him. Today, my thoughts and prayers have been with all the families who woke up this morning remembering especially that person who is no longer here.

I was glad to be busy at work today, because I was trying to avoid all the images on TV. Those pictures are already permanently etched in my mind, and being a very visual person, I just didn't need any more pictures that terrible to float around in my head. They just really start to affect me after a while.

On a different note, today is the birthday of my grandmother. She's 90! And still has a wonderful sense of humor. In some ways, I'm glad she's older and doesn't remember things too well, since hopefully she doesn't really remember 9/11 and this day won't be ruined for her. Now I just need to write her a note.....


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