One small advantage of having fewer weekend responsibilities these days is that we can actually go away for the weekend. Most of residency we have been unable to take the quick weekend trips out of town since Jeff worked every weekend. And since I was working pretty much every week day, that meant we didn't go too many places.

We decided to head to Charleston this past weekend to visit with my brother and his wife. Even though we didn't do very much, I had a great time. We didn't quite get to see everyone we would have liked to, but we did visit our old church and Judah got to take a walk down the battery, our favorite place to walk in the city.

Every time I go back there, I think several things:
1. I am happy to be living in Greenwood. I do not miss the noise, the traffic, or the 150-year-old house we used to live in. (Although they've been doing a lot of work on it and it is so much nicer now. )

2. The city of Charleston is so beautiful. The old houses, the water, the palmetto trees everywhere. Greenwood just doesn't compare. I miss running through the old neighborhoods and along the waterfront. I never see dolphins when I run in Greenwood.

3. Greenwood needs better restaurants. And a Target.

4. I really, really miss our Charleston friends. We have some really great friends here, but I miss the ones there a lot. Sigh.

5. I love my brother and his wife and wish we lived closer to them.


Gray said…
It was so fun to see y'all on Sunday! I'm so glad you decided to worship at Redeemer. And, Judah's even cuter in person than in his pictures!

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