Friday afternoon, I dropped Judah off with my mom and drove away for the weekend. It's the first time I've left him anywhere, except for the one or two overnight calls I had while finishing up residency. I was a little emotional about it when I dropped him off, but after that we all were fine. As I was saying goodbye to him, I gave him a few rounds of kisses until he actually moved my hands off his car seat, like he was trying to shoo me away.

Judah had a blast with my parents, and I enjoyed a most excellent ultrasound CME and getting to catch up with a few college friends. Jeff came down for the first night, but since he knows almost no one in Columbia and it's not quite as nice to visit as say, Boston, he decided to spend the rest of the weekend home alone since I would be busy pretty much all day with class. The class I took was wonderful and got me even more excited (if that were possible) about using ultrasound to help diagnose and treat disease. Although I currently do tons of OB ultrasounds, I'm looking forward to trying to do more ultrasounds to assess heart function, lung disease, and use it for procedures.

It was strange being back in the town where I went to college - it has changed so much that it felt somewhat foreign to me. I was having a hard time remembering what roads went where and how to get around. Even though I did miss Judah, I will say that I enjoyed having some free time where I didn't have to clean up anything, change any diapers, or worry about keeping someone else entertained. I went to a book store and browsed. I sat and enjoyed a quiet lunch outside. It was lovely (though it would have been much lovelier if Jeff had been there with me.)

Now I just need to plan a real getaway with Jeff. Any suggestions as to where we should go?? Within a 4 hour drive of Greenwood, if possible....


Sue Tell said…
Hmmmm, next time my turn. :)
Elise said…
Chattanooga, Asheville, Savannah, or Charleston! Your next favorite place. :)We'd always love to have you.

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