Jeff's Birthday

Jeff turned 34 this past week. Since I was working on his actual birthday, we did a little celebration on Sunday. The food didn't quite measure up to last year's party - it had been a loooong week - but we all still enjoyed the hotdogs and potato salad. (Especially me - since my mom made the delicious potato salad and hot dogs are easy to cook!)

 Jeff requested cupcakes again this year, and although initially he thought he might like the same flavor as last year, he also said he wanted cupcakes that were both frosted AND filled. Knowing Jeff's love of all things chocolate and peanut butter, I used this recipe for chocolate peanut butter cake, and took the ganache that is supposed to go on top and piped it into the cupcakes as a filling. Yum. Everyone really loved the cupcakes. Especially Judah.

 After dinner we all had fun playing bubbles in the driveway.

Happy Birthday, my dear husband.


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