Good Recipes

1. I've mentioned before my favorite salmon recipe. I just made it again tonight, and wow! It was really fantastic. Seriously, you should make this salmon. Soon.

2. I served it with some roasted potatoes I made using a Barefoot Contessa recipe, a new recipe that will be  getting a lot of use. I love recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and use ingredients that I usually have around. In case you want to make extra delicious potatoes, here it is:
      2.5 lbs red potatoes (I used white)
      2 yellow onions (I used one big vidalia)
      3 T. olive oil
      2 T. whole grain mustard (I used dijon)
      2 t. kosher salt
      1/2 t. pepper

Chop the onions and the potatoes into chunks and put on baking sheet. Whisk the rest of the ingredients together and pour over potatoes and toss to coat. Bake at 425 for 50 min (I think mine baked a little quicker).They should be brown and toasted.

3. Anyone else out there love iced coffee? This summer has been the summer of the iced coffee for me. For a while I'd drop by starbucks on my way to work, but that gets expensive. Then I tried just pouring my hot coffee over ice. Not nearly as tasty as the starbucks version, but the price was right. At our family reunion, my cousin Marion introduced me to homemade cold brewed coffee. It was an epiphany. Here is the recipe she uses. In addition to telling you how to make the coffee, there is also a recipe for this sweet cream to add to make it even more delicious. All I'll say is that it involves sweetened condensed milk. The great thing about this recipe is that it makes a gallon of cold coffee concentrate that stays in the fridge, which is enough to last a long while. She says a month. I'd say more like 1-2 weeks. Since some of us might drink a glass (or two) more than once a day. My only adjustment was to add vanilla to the milk mixture for extra flavor. I also love that I can make it decaf (or half-caf), which other places isn't an option. (Take that, Starbucks!)


Sue Tell said…
OK, Aubrey - I'd like both the salmon recipe AND the iced coffee recipe. Thx in advance.


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