I have a sweet boy.

I love that he has started to try to give us kisses. He'll come over when I'm sitting on the floor, lean in with his attempt at puckered lips, and lay one on me.

He has recently really gotten into signing "thank you."  I had tried to teach him this sign a while ago, but it wasn't really working, so a few weeks ago I started using it again with him. Every time I give him something now, he'll sign it and give me a big grin. Especially if it's something like a cookie.

Judah really loves when I sing to him. Basically every night since he was a few months old I sing him a hymn as I'm about to put him to bed. Sometimes when I am rocking Judah before I lay him down, he'll point at my lips and grunt, which I take as an invitation to sing to him. It can be funny sometimes, because he seems to have preferences as to what he likes to hear and sometimes will shake his head "no" with certain songs. He definitely doesn't like the song "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" or "Good Morning to you." "All for Jesus" is still a favorite (most of the time), as is the Doxology and "Be Thou my Vision," but he really didn't want me to sing "Jesus loves the little children." I guess we all are allowed our preferences. 


Sue Tell said…
I wonder if he likes my Judah song?

Can't wait to sing it to him next month. :)
Gray said…
Hamilton is really into singing too! He can ask for several songs by "name," and "Rejoice" is a song he asks for a lot--as in "Rejoice in the Lord Always."

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