New fall decoration

The other day when I was searching on pinterest for a tutorial to make a button tree - one of those styrofoam cones covered in buttons - I stumbled on this beautiful thing:

Although I did start my other button tree project tonight (not finished yet, so no photos) I decided that it would be much easier and quicker to make one of these, but use fall-colored buttons instead. I stuck the wire onto a foam base and covered it with moss.

I really love how it turned out. I also love that I had almost everything I needed to make this project already. (So I had to buy the foam base and moss, but I had a huge box of buttons and plenty of floral wire). I love that this is a fun button-stash busting project (much like the other button tree I am working on).  I am already envisioning a winter-inspired version using white and silver beads that look like snow. I can't wait.


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