First ever pinterest fail.

I've had some great successes making recipes I've found on pinterest. For instance, a few weeks ago I made homemade crock pot tikka masala that seriously tasted exactly like what I used to order when I lived in a city where I could frequent an Indian restaurant. I can't believe I didn't post about when I made it.

Anyway.... So today I saw this recipe on pinterest for flourless chocolate cookies. They looked easy and delicious, and I liked that I had some egg whites on hand I could use up:

Beautiful, right?
Here's what mine looked like:

Umm... not quite the same.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the directions left something to be desired. They were still crunchy and chocolately, but not quite the beautiful, round, crackly-topped things of the photo. Oh well.

Anyone else out there with any fantastic pinterest successes or fails?


The Balls said…
i've had cookies do that before...i've found that the dough is usually too warm & by the time i do a 2nd batch the next day (and it's been in the fridge), they turn out perfect! those cookies do look amazing!! i'll let you know if mine turn out like that too (=
Emilie said…
oh no! And I totally thought about repinning that when you pinned it. They look amazing. I made the pork chops with apples and cheesy bacon grits that I pinned. So yummy. The leftover grits are also delicious for breakfast with an over easy egg on top. :)
Elise said…
Made an easy night thai recipe tonight that was not that great. I will be searching for a new one for next time.

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