A Few Judah things...

People, we have more speech.

I've decided that he's been talking more than I realize, I just don't pay close enough attention. This week I realized he's been saying "up" for a little while. I didn't realize, though, because it comes out like "buh." Today, I was thinking he said a more distinct "up," so he must realize that for his dense mommy to pick it up, he's got to be articulate. In addition to the word that means "doggy" (diggy or gigi) he also maybe says something slightly different when he points to a cat, although I'm not sure how to write it. He asks for "wa-wa" more and occasionally a banana "na-na."

A few days ago I handed Judah to Jeff because I was going somewhere (to work, maybe?). I leaned in to kiss Jeff and Judah leaned towards me and kind of smacked his lips. He was trying to give me a kiss. Totally unasked for. I melted.

He has started shaking his head "no" a lot more. Which occasionally is nice when I want to know if he wants more of a certain food, but I feel like his standard, go-to answer is always no, so sometimes it's hard to decipher what he means. We also are having a lot more of the tantrums and crying when he doesn't get his way, as well as more blatant disobedience that we are having to discipline. I do think he is slowly understanding what it means when I say that if he continues to do a certain bad behavior, he will get a spanking, which is a step in the right direction. 

My good napper is (mostly) back. I decided that he was just teething when I posted that he wasn't sleeping well. Most days he still takes two very good naps, although today he missed his morning nap and then slept for 4 hours this afternoon. He does have two new teeth on top, bringing his grand total up to six. I have a feeling the bottom ones will be poking through soon.

I love seeing him interact with babies - he loves to look at them and touch their toes and he really seems to enjoy them. He will give them a big smile and kind of tilt his head to the side in this really cute way. Precious.

His absolute favorite thing is still anything with wheels or an engine along with animals of all sorts, especially dogs. He is constantly making a "vroom-vroom" sound when he sees or hears anything motorized. I got him some new pajamas with big trucks on them and Jeff went to get him up from his nap the other day and found him sitting quietly in his bed, pointing at the truck on his shirt saying "vroom-vroom." If he sees a dog he will point and grunt until we take him over to say hello, and he is slowly learning how to pet more gently.

In spite of the increased tantrums and disobedience (can I just say that whoever thinks that people are inherently good has apparently never met a 17 month old?) that toddlerhood brings, my sweet boy is still a joy and getting more and more fun as the days go on.


Sarah said…
Yay for the naps! And 4 hours?? I'm so jealous ;) I love the one with the potholders!

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