Part 3. Or "Nerd Tourism"

We did a bit of what Jeff and I decided to call "Nerd Tourism" - i.e. seeing things that normal people might not enjoy but we really loved. Because we are nerds.

First up, the Boston Public Library, easily the coolest library I've ever been in. I wanted to wander these halls and find books for hours, but alas, we had other places to go.

Next up, Harvard... I'm not sure why but I just felt smarter when I was there.

We also checked out Walden Pond. It was surprisingly people-filled and also very big. More like a lake than a "pond."

Last stop, Plymouth. We checked out Plymouth rock (much smaller than expected) and saw the Mayflower II.

Judah is going to have lots of fun with us when he's older....


RT said…
I'm a travel nerd, too, so I'm really excited to see your pictures! Somehow Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower just didn't seem real until I saw them here, on your blog. LOL. Amazing that my ancestors came here on ships like that.

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