Jeff and I went tonight to the ordination service of a good friend. I'm not sure I've actually ever been to one, but I enjoyed seeing Jonathan finally get ordained after months and months of study and preparation. A few scattered thoughts:

1. Being there reminded me, just a little, of how I used to feel going to baby showers. Even though I know that God is good and his plan is perfect, I still had this twinge of feeling like this should have been Jeff's ordination service. Of wondering why it was them and not us.

2. It did make me hope for the day when it would be us, hugging at front at the end of the service. And would be him, surrounded by a group of elders, praying over him. I can't wait for that day.

3. As much as I love our little church and am so thankful for where we are, I do miss singing in the midst of a big congregation. There is nothing like being surrounded by the full, rich sound of a hundred voices together. It made me long for heaven where there will be millions and millions of voices joined together in song.

And where no one argues or gets kicked out because of a minor difference of opinion about one small part of scripture.


Ed Eubanks said…
Friends, I'm sorry for the difficulty and complexity of that moment. Emotions at ordinations should be simple.

I still wish you would move our way, where I doubt Jeff's exceptions would be prohibitive. Which is at least to say, don't lose hope.

And I'm with you completely about the singing in larger congregations. I miss that often, too.

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