I think the hardest part about working (for me) is just how tired I get.

I'd love to go to bed early, but since I do a dream feed with Judah at 10:30 or 11, I can't really go to bed before then, and then I'm up again by 5:30 so I can feed him before I go to work. It's just not enough sleep for me.

Thankfully, I finished my work today before noon, managed to catch most of an excellent sermon at church, and then even got a nap during Judah's nap this afternoon. I'm on call tomorrow, so maybe I'll have a slow afternoon and can sneak in another nap then.

Of course, it's all worth it to me - I wouldn't give up nursing Judah for anything, and I do love my other job, too. I'm just happy I only do this 1 week at a time.

Just 4 more days until I'm off again....


Banana said…
Be encouraged: Judah probably won't need the dream feed for too many more months (maybe as little as two?) so this schedule will not last long. Just don't try to drop it on a work week--ha! That would be interesting.

The same goes for the early feeding. His needs will be so different even when he starts solids, most likely freeing you up.

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