I've never really been into the latest fads. Or the hottest, newest, greatest gadget. I'm not exactly a Luddite, but I just don't really like spending big bucks to get the fanciest new thing. All my cell phones have always been whatever I could get for free. So you can imagine how shocked and excited I was when I found out my new job was going to buy me... gulp... a new iPhone. Although I've known for a few months that we were supposed to get them, I always had this little doubt in my mind that they must not mean to buy one for me, the one who works part time. But a few weeks ago, as I was taking care of some paperwork at the office, our office manager handed me a sleek, small white box. Inside was the coolest thing I've ever been given.

I must admit - it's a thing of beauty. So svelte and slick. We were mainly given them so we could access our EMR from the phone since it's not accessible from everywhere in the hospital. I didn't actually do that this past week, but hopefully will get that part figured out soon. I did manage to find some other useful apps, both for work and for fun. (New York Time Crossword puzzle, anyone?)

I suddenly feel way cooler than I actually am. Hopefully I won't break it.


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