I've now left Judah in an actual nursery twice this week. Once on friday at a women's bible study I'm planning on getting involved with, and once today. The "nursery" at our church consists of me laying Judah down in the crib and going into the service and listening for him to cry. There are no other kids. No nursery workers. On the one hand, I can focus much better at church when he's not there, but it's also not easy leaving him. Tonight I was worried for part of the service - wondering if he was ok.

And I never know how much to say to the nursery person - both times I felt like I needed to at least mention the cloth diapers, but what else? Am I supposed to tell them what he likes to do? It was another mom in the nursery, one with several kids, so she probably knows kids better than me. I felt silly saying that he likes to get in the exersaucer or just lay on the floor and grab at things, but I did anyway.

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage when ever we have a babysitter over the first time.


Christy said…
You are completely normal. I did the same thing with Landon. But I PROMISE by the time you have your third you'll forget his diaper bag half the time. So it won't even cross your mind to actually say anything about your kid. You'll just kind of drop him off, mumble the words, "I forgot all his diapers and food so good luck with that." And then the nursery worker will just smile and talk about you behind your back. It'll be awesome.
Emilie said…
I dropped Jacob off at the nursery for the second time yesterday too. I told them he'd probably be ready for a nap. They asked if he would fall asleep in a swing. Um, sure? I don't know. We don't have one. He would probably just fall asleep in the crib which is where you put him last Sunday. When we got back he was asleep in the swing. No biggie. But the best part was waiting in line to drop him off and listening to the mom in front of me give a HUGE list of instructions. I don't know how they remembered it and it may have been better for her to just drop him off with a note. I think your instructions were just fine. :)
Aubrey said…
I'm amazed that you don't have a swing, Emilie. It was a lifesaver for us...

And I look forward to being the mom who gets talked about in the nursery.

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