Recipe Round-up

We've got fun company this week - Dave, Hannah, Jackson, and Ashlyn! We're having fun and staying busy, so here's a quick post so the blog isn't totally neglected. Hopefully I can get some photos up soon - I'm sure Grandma wants pictures of her grandbabies all together! But until then...
Some great recipes I've made recently:

1. Shrimp and quinoa salad - This is probably my favorite new recipe I've made recently. I've been wanting to find some good and healthy recipes, and this fit the bill. It uses quinoa, which is this great grain that is really high in fiber and protein. I didn't have asparagus, but did add green onions and fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden. I'm definitely making this one again sometime soon.

2. Cucumber Salad - This was a quick and easy recipe I found to use up some cucumbers from our garden, along with fresh dill. It's basically like a quick pickle, but incredibly fresh and crunchy. I made mine with plenty of the red pepper flakes, giving them a nice but very strong kick.

3. Squash Gratin - This was another "what can I do with all the produce from my garden?" recipe. Although Jeff wasn't a huge fan, I enjoyed it. It's actually very light, with just a bit of goat cheese and milk, not tons of butter. I used feta instead, and also added some bacon for extra flavor.

4. Our favorite meal lately is lettuce wraps. We first had these at Austin and Elise's house and loved it so much we've made them several times since coming home. I can't find a similar recipe online, but it's from the southern living cookbook. Basically, you saute onion, apple, bell pepper (if desired), and then add ginger, garlic, and ground pork. The sauce is some creamy peanut butter (maybe 1/2 c. for 1 lb. ground pork) and soy sauce. Green onions are added at the end. I've also added celery and carrot to these and used ground chicken instead of pork to decrease the calories. Serve with lettuce leaves.



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