4 month check up

So here are the stats:
Weight: 15.1 pounds (56%)
Height: 26 inches (81%)
Head: 18 inches (95%) - yep, still my boy....

The nurse who measured his head actually came back to measure it again once she saw where it was on the graph - she was surprised it was so high. And the repeat: exactly the same.

He just keeps getting more fun. He's a lot more vocal (as evidenced by the videos) and loves holding onto things and looking around. He likes tummy time a lot more and can roll over both directions, although he doesn't do it very often. I think he's just kind of lazy - he knows that if he fusses enough when he's on his stomach, eventually his mom will just turn him over herself. We're also getting into a better routine, and he's getting better at going down for naps and at night. He's not really napping in his swing anymore, which I'm happy about. The swing was wonderful and I wouldn't have done it any different since that was initially the only place we could get him to sleep. But it's nice that now he's getting 1.5 - 2 hour naps in his crib. Last night he slept from 8pm to 7 am, with one dream feed at 11. It was heavenly.

And the baby laughs keep getting louder and more frequent. I was thinking this morning that I'd definitely describe him as joyful - he's all smiles when getting up from sleeping, and he'll start giggling and laughing at almost anything. He loves both his mama and his daddy and seeing him smile at us is wonderful. Tonight, of course, in the post-vaccine irritation, he's been much more fussy and sad, but times like these are very, very rare.

It has definitely been an adjustment, but having a baby is absolutely wonderful....


j... said…
aubrey...i meant to write you back earlier but forgot! glad to hear judah is growing well :)

i actually haven't started my intern year yet! with my husbands return from deployment + moving across the country (we are headed back to WA state), we requested some extra time to just be TOGETHER. my program granted it without question...so i start in TWO WEEKS! i'm SO NERVOUS! and i feel like all my medical knowledge has been replaced with the cookie dough i've been eating all summer :)

i'd love to hear how you are handling your job with judah. i'm praying (starting now!) that i'll be able to find something VERY family friendly or even part time (loan payments may dictate otherwise for awhile). how are you managing things?!

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