More photos..

Since I just started another work week, here's some pictures to keep the blog updated.
Ashlyn was so precious with Judah - she took every chance she could to help. She loved helping me give him a bath, and always had very helpful suggestions as to what I should do with him. She most often wanted me to put him into his swing, but the bouncy seat was maybe her next favorite suggestion. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of her in the baby swing - she just crawled right into it one afternoon. She also enjoyed sitting in the bumbo, another feat I somehow didn't capture on film.

She did look exceedingly cute in her life jacket, something I did manage to catch on film.

Judah HATED his. I put it on him and he immediately started crying and screaming. So I took it off and held him and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid thinking about him drowning if there was a boating accident.

He and I stayed home on the second day of boating, both so that he could get a better nap and so that his momma wouldn't have a panic attack. But he did like just hanging out in the boat when we were stopped - isn't he so cute in his little cloth swim diaper?

Jack seemed to enjoy the boating (and the lifejacket) a lot more than Judah. He's going to be a great swimmer.


The Balls said…
with you re: the panic attack! although, now i worry that avery [since she'll wear the life jacket now] will be "safely" floating - face down in the event of a boating accident!! (you know, since she can't move around with it on)
aye-yi-yi! the crazy scenarios us mommas think about!!!

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