A March Miracle

I got to work this morning when the intern handed me something.

It was a nice, black stethoscope - with my name on it. This is the stethoscope I lost sometime during intern year, the one that was given to me by my medical school. I looked for it for weeks, and finally was just resigned to the fact that someone must have taken it from wherever I left it. (Because I knew that I had definitely left it somewhere unusual.) I reluctantly ordered a new one, but one that wasn't nearly as nice since I had to pay for this one myself.

I guess it showed up yesterday in sports medicine clinic...two years after being lost. It felt like it had been raised from the dead.

So now, thankfully, I have TWO stethoscopes....

Which is good for me in case I ever misplace one again.


comom said…
comom said…
Altho I'm more anxious for a much bigger, better, and more significant March Miracle! :)

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