A few favorite things.

Before this pregnancy is over and I forget, I thought I'd post a few of my favorite things I've used during this pregnancy.

1. My water bottle. This is a great gift for someone who works - I kept it with me all the time, filled with water. I love that it has a straw so it doesn't splash on you.

2. Prenatal Pilates. I wish I started this sooner. I used two different DVDs - this 10-minute one, which was nice because it has several 10 minute chunks, and this other one, which was a little more intense. Pilates really helped my back hurt less once I started doing it. But, as I said, I wish I'd started doing it a little earlier. I'm also going to keep using both these videos after the birth, because I think they'll still be good.

3. A maternity swimsuit. Although I didn't get mine until close to the end (I stretched out and squeezed into my regular one for a long time) I did love having it. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a whole suit, I just bought a maternity top, and wore it with some swim bottoms I already had. Since the bottoms I had were black, it wasn't too hard to find a decent swim top that matched. And I only spent around $25. Even today I went swimming - it's a great exercise, especially during pregnancy.

4. Reflux medicine. I had pretty bad heartburn almost the entire pregnancy, and ended up taking nexium for it. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with asking your doctor for reflux medicine. You don't need to suffer, or chew through numerous tums daily. Just get on a pill.

5. This shirt. I had it in 4 different colors - it was great for work, comfortable, and I was able to wear it all the way through the pregnancy. I definitely think the shirts that are ruched on the sides are much more flattering and comfie than those that aren't.

6. My favorite pants were actually not maternity pants - they were some nice looking knit (and stretchy pants) from NY and Co. I got them in a size larger than I normally would wear, and was able to wear them throughout the whole pregnancy. Since maternity shirts are long, my belly wasn't ever exposed.

7. Compression stockings. I used this website to find inexpensive compression hose to wear. If I didn't wear them, my feet and ankles would be fairly swollen at the end of a working day. These were a life saver when I was on call. This is another thing I wish I'd had earlier in the pregnancy. I got some in knee high and some thigh high tights I could wear with skirts or dresses. It was the difference between my work shoes fitting and not fitting.

Well, I think that's all my best tips. Now it's off to try again to walk this baby out.....


yea for Pilates! it is awesome and it will definately help you afterwards. You will probably want to get some more advanced levels after the baby comes.

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