The waiting game.

So here I am, 9 days from my due date, (im)patiently waiting for this little one to make his or her arrival. Honestly, I mostly feel fine and still feel like this pregnancy has been a fairly easy one, though I am definitely also feeling more and more ready to be unpregnant.

I decided that the end of pregnancy is sort of like your engagement. You make all these plans, you pick a venue (i.e. hospital), you have showers, you try to get ready to understand how your life is going to change, you read parenting books (I'd love any recommendations anyone has) while you anxiously await the Big Day.

You have NO idea when the Big Day will be. (I guess this is not true for those who have a scheduled C-section, but still...) It's like any day you could wake up, have your fiancee come to you and say, "'s the day we're getting married. Now go get dressed." It could be in the middle of the night. It could be while you're at work. You have no idea. Or maybe it's more like planning a wedding when you don't know when the day is OR who your fiancee is. You only know it's going to happen sometime in the next few weeks.

It's a very exciting but also nerve wracking place to be.


I strongly recommend "Sheparding a Child's Heart"
when you get anxious just start thinking about what life will be like with a newborn and it'll go away ;)
Cousin Jared said…
I can make some recommendations for Jeff.

1. "A man called Daddy" - Can't remember the author.

2. "Point Man" - Steve Farrar - on second thought, this one might be common sense to a minister :)
Annie said…
I second SACH, and "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman.

In my (four) experiences, I could usually tell when stuff was starting... though with #4 my water did break in bed, but I'd been having contractions for about 2 days before then. I was always afraid that I'd be in Target or church and WHOOSH! But it didn't happen. :)
RT said…
I felt pretty confident about parenting an infant when I had my pediatrician's manual (APA? you would know) in one hand and Dr. Sears in the other! I don't recommend Babywise in general, but I embraced the idea of schedules (albeit, scheduling my formula-fed kiddo, adopted at 7 weeks, was entirely different from a newborn breastfed baby). Other than that, I think most parenting manuals can wait a bit.

I'm so excited your little one will be here soon! I can't wait to see pictures.
Ken said…
Cheryl and I both strooongly recommend "The Baby Whisperer." Silly title perhaps, but really well written -- along the lines of babywise etc, but nuanced and truly quite helpful concerning helping a baby on a schedule, but doing so with sensitivity to your baby's personality and your motherly instincts.

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