The "Go" Bag

Our bags are packed and in the car. This, I assume, ensures us several more days before the little one arrives. :)

Even though my bag is already in the car, I decided to do some research on what the mighty expert known as Dr. Google would have to say about it, just to make sure I do have what I need. There were obvious things, like something to wear home, something for the baby to wear home, a toothbrush. (These I could figure out for myself.)

Then there are some outdated things. For instance, almost every list I saw told the dad to bring "change for a payphone, calling card, and a list of phone numbers."

Since when does someone these days need change for a payphone? Every 15 year old pregnant patient I've delivered has either made a phone call or sent a text with in minutes of giving birth. Even my Mennonite patients use the cell phone in the delivery room.

And they all also still say to bring camera and film. Which also seems like a somewhat quaint suggestion.

I did see some good suggestions - I don't have lip balm packed- which does seem like a great idea. Anyone else out there with good suggestions for what to bring? Or things you wish you had but didn't?


Julie said…
I don't know if you'll have time for this, but don't forget things like your ipod or favorite music/book. Stuff to make the hospital room seem not so much like a hospital room. I would want my own pillow.
Gray said…
Your own pillow will definitely be welcome! Lip balm a must--my lips were super chapped after my delivery. Bring snacks for Jeff: We forgot about them in our rush, and poor Seth was SO hungry at a time when the cafeteria was closed. And you also may not want Jeff to leave you to go hunt down food. :)
Soft, silky, man-style, button-up pyjamas in a dark colour (colour is very important!) and a shawl/wrap/scarf to drape when feeding. An eye mask to block out light to catch a quick nap is good too. Looking forward to hearing your wonderful news!
Melanie said…
I second the ipod (& docking station if you have one) and brainless reading. Some peaceful music (I seem to remember Nora Jones and George Winston...) can be nice during harder labor and the brainless reading can help take your mind off the waiting game of earlier labor. Also ... ponytail holders/bobby pins.
hardeewhites said…
I was at the hospital for 5 days, so I enjoyed having my laptop since they had Wi-Fi.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I read your blog via Rachel's and I am so excited and happy for you!! I would for sure bring your own pillow. Oh - and have Jeff bring his pillow also. I forgot to tell Matt where "my calling list" was packed so he did the best he could, but some people did not know about the babies' birth for a few days. Ooops!! Make sure you coordinate! Take care! ~ Jen Clary
The Balls said…
2 pillows, body wash/bubble bath, slippers, pj pants or hubby's boxers & nursing tanks, soft zippered hoody/jacket
Megan said…
I recently saw on someone's blog that they changed into a pretty nightgown VERY soon after delivery and that seemed to restore some dignity and normalcy to those moments (when a lot of photos are being snapped!)

But one thing I did bring was a box of cereal bars and I was glad for that - man, was I hungry!
Emilie said…
I sent home for one of those aromatherapy microwavable heating packs. My neck and shoulder muscles were in pain after Joseph was home. Not sure if it was from stress or from the spinal block? But I have one packed in advance for this time.
Ken said…
Something for the baby to play with. Perhaps some blocks, or maybe a video game.
COmom said…
One of my friends actually brought their Wii to entertain dad with Wii bowling. I'm sure that entertained others as well. :)

camera, computer, skype hookup.

NOT a baby sling ... did you see the Morning Show today?

Dad is on his way! thru the snow!
Lindsey said…
Snacks are a MUST! If you happen to deliver after everything is closed, you and Jeff will be glad to have some goodies on hand. Your own pillow is another must as are warm pretty socks. My feet always seemed to be freezing during delivery.

Best wishes for an uneventful delivery and a healthy baby!
SLIPPERS!!! Loved having my slippers. I wish I would have labored in a sports bra (or a nursing tank like one of your other friends suggested). I tend to be modest, but I was not modest enough during the delivery. Oh, and granola bars and gatorade. I was soooo thirsty and hungry!!! We are praying for you!!!
Annie said…
Cash. It's handy to have if you want to get a drink in the off-hours or buy a newspaper to save to show the world's goings on when baby gets bigger. We stopped at an ATM on the way for Claire to be born.... not an enjoyable experience. :)
With my first, I overpacked. Crazy-overpacked. I took the tennis balls and snacks and books and magazines and music and thank you notes (!) and post-delivery clothes which were too small. Ha! I thought I'd be thin or something.

With my fifth, my hospital bag was a Target plastic bag with a toothbrush and a pair of giant undies (my husband "packed" it when I was sent straight to the hospital from an OB appointment, told to not go home).

That was it. I had my husband bring a sleeper for the baby once we knew how big he was.

Otherwise, the hospital provided everything else we needed. Even the undies. The mesh panties ROCK. Ask for extras to take home.

For babies #6 and #7, I followed the same philosophy. If it won't fit in a Target bag, leave it at home. Other than the pillow---you NEED your own pillow. Make sure to put a bright pillowcase on it so the hospital cleaning staff doesn't mix up your linens with theirs.

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