Evening giggle #2.

Since I'm a pregnant woman, nearing the end, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed last night's Office.

The best quote, courtesy of Oscar, as Michael was trying to pack his "go bag":

"Don't bring a dictionary. The hospital will provide a dictionary. Bring a thesaurus."

I guess that's one more thing I'll add to my list for my "go bag."


Elsa Meyer said…
Yeah, I laughed out loud at that part! When is your little one coming. I keep thinking that today is the day.
Ken said…
That is a great quote, and I was just wondering when this baby is due (exactly). I know it's roughly about now... Tell Jeff he gets one free day off of blogging Moose when the baby comes.
Jeff said…
Thanks for the reprieve Ken. March 25 is the official day.

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