Due Date.

So today is my due date. And I'm currently sitting at work, doing a work-in clinic. Not exactly where I hoped I'd be today. But I realize that doing a little work is better for me than sitting at home, driving myself crazy wondering when this baby is going to come.

Apparently I have a very comfortable uterus. And baby just seems perfectly content staying inside.

You'd think that for all the time it took us to get pregnant, I'd have learned a little patience, that I'd be perfectly content waiting on God's perfect timing for the birth of this wee one.

I guess I still have a lot to learn.


Carissa said…
You are way more patient than I am! I still have 7 more weeks and I am so impatient already! Can't wait to hear the news & see pictures when you have the baby though! :)
Eek! You've been on my mind lately. I had no idea TODAY was your due date when I thought I'd pop by to see how you are doing.

Your baby is waiting for his birthday. That strange thought helped me more than once when I'd get impatient. It's probably one of those things that makes sense only to me...hee hee.

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