Nursery update #3

Well, it's not exactly finished - there's definitely some finishing touches I'd love to get done, but it's getting there.

Art from: Trafalgar's square on etsy.

I covered this lampshade, using this tutorial. It really worked well and really didn't take long.

Mobile inspired by these.


Melanie said…
What a fabulous room! I love how not-theme-y and handmade it is.

I should have told you this earlier, but this happens at playgroups at our house all the time that another
mom says, "Oh! What a cute _____ [insert crafty thing here: felt food, owl, library bag, birthday flags, etc, etc, etc]! Did somebody make ... don't tell me your sister-in-law made this, too."

You're famous in Iowa City.
COmom said…
And your famous in my home too!

I LOVE your nursery!!! Can't wait to see it in person.

PS. How do I get our pic to show up on this comment page?
Aubrey said…
Thanks melanie - that is exactly what I was going for.

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