A list.

1. I've decided I hate due dates. As a doctor, I can understand why they are necessary, but they are also sort of torture. At least, they are sort of torture when you are overdue and not prone to being a patient person. And I'm not even that overdue yet. Several people have told me about being two weeks late. I really don't have that in me.

2. Almost everyone else I know who was pregnant and due around the same day as me already has had their baby. Which makes it harder to be patient.

3. I'm very thankful a good friend came over today because she needed my help working on a quilt. We sewed for most of the afternoon. It was great having a project to work on since I already have made three kinds of cookies, banana bread, several onesies to take to the hospital, and have packed (and re-packed - thanks for all the great suggestions) my bags.

4. I'm hoping this is the last post until I have some baby pictures, but we'll see.


Melanie said…
praying for you guys ... for patience in the wait and also that there will be baby pictures soon!
The Balls said…
kennedy was a week late & every day i went to work after my due date, this one lady would say, "you're still pregnant??" -sigh- i know how it is! i was super duper prepared, like you. ellison & avery both came early, 1-2 weeks early. you know what i missed about being super duper prepared?? my week of waiting!! take lots of relaxing, warm baths. nap whenever you want. go shopping. go out to dinner with friends. anyways, you get the gist! we'll be praying for you!!
get out with Jeff as much as you can and just enjoy being a couple because it does change-not worse-but just different after the baby comes.
I went 10+ days over with my first. I was mercifully induced. Sorry. Maybe it helps to know it's common and in the blink of an eye you'll have a kid who is almost 13 and complains about doing the dishes? I don't know.

Einstein was right. Time is relative.

When the day comes, it will be the ~perfect~ day. I can't imagine my daughter's birthday on any other day. She was made for July 8th, not June 28th.

If it's not the last post before baby pictures, that's okay. One day there will be baby pictures.

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