Another list

1. I did a presentation at work today about dental anomalies. In preparing for this talk I realized I really don't know that much about normal development of teeth, so I learned a lot. I think my favorite presentations are ones where I learn as I'm preparing. I also realized I'm very glad I don't have to look at teeth all day. Gross teeth really gross me out.

2. We're really coming down to the end of this pregnancy - we got our car seat in the car, the guest bed has clean sheets on it, the crib has clean sheets, I packed a bag of some stuff for the baby. All I need to do is pack a bag for me and do some more cleaning.

3. When you ask an adolescent if they are sexually active and they say "Not really" or "what do you mean?" that is code for "yes, but I don't really want to talk about it" and is a signal to me to ask several more questions. Likewise, a similar answer to the questions "Do you smoke?" and "Do you use illegal drugs?" also warrants further investigation. Of course, if you have a noticeable hickey on your neck, it's kind of a dead give away that you do something you probably shouldn't with your girlfriend. I've decided some of the hardest patients to take care of are teenage boys since their favorite mode of question answering is demonstrated above. Give me teenage girls any day.

4. I've been very blessed with a fairly easy pregnancy. However, I'm definitely beginning to understand why pregnant women start to beg for induction well before their due dates. Not that I'm miserable or begging for induction, but I'm certainly looking more forward to giving birth and not being pregnant anymore. Of course, then I start to think that giving birth means that there will be an actual baby that will live at our house - which is also somewhat terrifying.


COmom said…
I LOVE #2!! And can't wait to use those sheets on the guest bed. :)

And when I'm not sleeping doing a lot of cuddling or laundry or whatever.
I am so excited for you as your final days of pregnancy wind down.
Jeff said…
Wait a second... there's going to be a baby living at our house?

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