I'm a big fan of the YMCA. Ever since the West County Y in St. Louis offered $4/mth memberships to poor seminary students, I've been hooked. Later I joined the Y in Colorado, and now Aubrey and I have joined the Y here in Greenwood.

I've begun to notice something. I call it the universal law of YMCA locker rooms. It's pretty much the same all around the country as far as I can tell. The older, and more out of shape you get, the more likely you are to wander around the locker room naked. It must be required in the fine print of the contract, because it happens everywhere. They get out of the shower and slowly fold their towel so they can sit on it. Then they carefully and deliberately put on each of their socks. Then its time to apply deoderant, and walk over to the mirrors to comb their hair. Perhaps make a phone call. Socialize a bit. Anything to avoid getting dressed. This happens everywhere.

The other day I went to rinse the chlorine out of my hair after swimming. And one of these old men had taken the plastic chair that is normally outside the shower area, and had brought it into the shower area, and was just as relaxed as can be, enjoying a shower in a chair. I thought this was funny. Not least because he was using the shower right NEXT to the shower that has the built in bench, which was presumably built in for people just like him. Mental note: I must never ever ever ever set my towel on that chair again.


Aubrey said…
For the record - that was posted by Jeff. I do not regularly (or at all) spend time in a men's locker room. Just so you know.
The Balls said…
i have heard these horror stories from clint. i'm always amazed at how fast he can take a shower & get dressed at the gym...he tells me i would too if i saw what the mens locker room looked like!
From what I've seen, women's locker rooms aren't any better. I was astounded by the nudity at the MUSC gym locker room. Maybe b/c I don't have a sister? I mean seriously people, if you are going to strip down, at least don't stand in the middle of the floor where everyone walking in can't help but see you!

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