Ewww. and then Aahhh.

Tuesday morning, just before we left for vacation, a friend was at our house to study with Jeff and noticed a whole bunch of maggots on the floor by our back door. (Maybe my new contacts aren't as great as I thought since somehow I hadn't noticed them.) I can barely even type that without it sending a chill down my spine. I am not easily grossed out, but the little, squirmy, white, wormy-looking things crawling all over my floor will do it. The only reason I really think they were maggots is because after Jeff sucked all the ones he could find up in our vacuum (and then quickly emptied it out), the next day there were several flies in our kitchen. Apparently he had missed a few.

I still have no idea how they got there. But ew. Ew. ew. ew. It was hard to leave on vacation thinking about whether or not we got them all. I do not want to come home to any sort of infestation.

On a more pleasant note, today in Cleveland I went to the most awesome store ever. It's a Joanne's, and maybe they are all like this, but this was not your average fabric store. They had a huge and great selection of fabric. But. Then they also had a complete selection of almost every kind of craft supply imagined. Like a Michael's and Hancock all rolled into one. After going this morning, I thought of a few more things I needed for a little project related to the wedding, so I went back. Both times I was there I had almost no time, so I basically found myself wandering around taking it all in. Until I remembered that I had no time, and frantically found the things I needed.

I may go one more time before I go home.


Emilie said…
um, yes, Joann's. The best fabric store ever. I grew up with them. I miss them. They are fabulous.
Totallyscrappy said…
You can get lost in some of those JoAnne's stores!

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