Back up

I'm on back up call again tonight. Unlike last time, I have two interns on with me - so my pager has been fairly quiet due to the absence of floor call. (Yay!) Twice now, the interns have called me with questions about patients who are or who could be very sick, and they want to know what to do.

I do not like this. My blood pressure starts to rise and my heart starts to beat faster when I realize that I'm the one here who is supposed to know the most. Although I have help that is only a phone call away, MY help is a whole. phone call. away.

Thankfully, thus far we are managing fairly well on our own, and I've been able to calmly (on the outside) assess patients and mostly know what to do.

I do wonder, though, if this nervous feeling I get when making important patient care decisions ever goes away?


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