I still love my job.

It's been a crazy, busy week.

I was at the hospital until 12:40 on Monday night, waiting for one of my own OB patients to deliver. Sadly, she ended up going to C-section, but she did have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Of course, I was exhausted the next day, but since I wasn't actually post call, I couldn't leave early and then Tuesday night I did some sewing before bed, which always makes it hard for me to sleep. (Yes, that's right, sewing late at night makes it tough for me to fall asleep. I'm not sure what that's about - it's not like I'm inhaling caffeine while doing it.) Yesterday, another of my OB patients delivered right in the middle of lunch, meaning I was 1.5 hours late to clinic (where thankfully there were almost no patients) and I had to eat quickly once I got there, making my day more stressful than usual. We had prayer meeting at church last night, but I just couldn't go. Jeff sweetly understood that I needed a few hours to stay at home, mop, do laundry and enjoy being by myself. Today our pediatric rounds lasted. forever. Then I got a call that Jeff was waiting for me over here. I came to see him and was happily surprised that he had brought me a huge bouquet of pink and purple gladiolas for our anniversary. Now I have these lovely flowers that have definitely brightened both my desk and my day. Thanks, honey!

I have realized this week how much I love being a second year and having my own patients. I had already decided that there is almost nothing as much fun as being in on deliveries, but being with my own patients when they deliver is an even bigger joy. I love meeting those cute and sweet babies I spent so much time looking at before they were born, and am so happy to have played a (small) part in their getting here.

It is truly an honor to have someone choose you to take part and be with them during such a special time in their lives, and I feel blessed to be in a place and have a job that allows me to do it.

But now I need some rest. Please.


Melanie said…
I just saw the date while I was paying bills and thought, "Hey, it's Jeff & Aubrey's anniversary. At least I think it is, but they haven't blogged about it yet. Am I remembering the wrong date?"

Happy Anniversary!

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