A Snarkful

Our garden is getting into full swing now, especially our little tomato plants. Last week we had been picking about 15 of the little tomatoes per day. Then we were gone this weekend, and this afternoon after church we picked 52 tomatoes. The big ones, obviously, are doing quite as well, but they are coming along at their own pace. We also brought in a pile of basil leaves and two of the little peppers. The peppers aren't ready yet, but these two had some blossom end rot going on, so we have to remove them anyway. Tonight Aubrey is making a big batch of bruschetta for dinner, and a big batch of pesto using the leftover basil plus a bunch of basil from her mom's garden.


Totallyscrappy said…
There is nothing like a stillwarmfromthesun tomato right from your garden! Enjoy...

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