Garden Ridiculosity

Throughout the spring and early summer I kept telling myself that I was not going to judge the success of our garden until we were actually eating (or not) the vegetables of our labors.

Well. I now declare: The garden is a success.

The other day Aubrey and I were estimating that we have probably picked about 150-200 tomatoes so far. And I just came in from the garden, where a quick, cursory count shows about 250 tomatoes currently in the process of ripening, and more flowers blooming with the promise of even more. Thankfully, many of these are the small cherry tomatoes, which are easily used in bulk, but still...

Note to self, next year plant fewer tomatoes, and more other things.

In other garden news (non-tomato division) there are now the beginnings of the highly anticipated cantaloupes. I am extremely excited about these. There are three started so far, and the vines are getting bigger every day.

And here I am with one of our first bell peppers. Its small, but smells sweet and pepper-like.


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