Nothing to post.

My brain has been running in low gear for the last little while. So although I wish I had a clever post, I don't.

I went shopping on saturday, and tried on way too many clothes at Target. Trying on clothes sometimes depresses me. I did get a few cute things, though I'm still somewhat undecided about what to wear to the rehearsal on Saturday, which was the main reason I went shopping in the first place.

My brother is getting married in less than a week! I still remember him as he came at me and successfully stabbed me in the forehead with a fork when he was maybe 2, and I was, I guess, 7. You'd think a seven-year-old could fend off a toddler. But apparently I couldn't. And now he's marrying a wonderful, Godly woman. Because he's turned into a pretty great guy, even with that somewhat dubious beginning. I'm excited about getting to be there as they begin their new life together.

Jeff and I finally had our first boating expedition of the summer. The water was super choppy, so I only skied for about 5 minutes, but it was great. Almost as much fun as actually skiing myself was watching two family friends (ages 13 and 10) get pulled on the tube. Kids and tubes are a great combination.

I decided to turn over a new leaf and start packing my lunch. I'm tired of eating somewhat unhealthy lunches just because it's someone else's job to order our lunches for us, and there aren't always healthy options. Instead of grumpily eating whatever it is they order, I (finally) figured out I should just take responsibility and make my own lunch. I got a little box (I do love Target) to put it in.

Jeff and I both get very, very excited whenever we get to stay in hotels. And we leave Wednesday to stay FIVE whole nights in one. Woohoo!

So that's all I've got. Maybe my healthy lunch will kick my brain into high gear and I'll have something more interesting later. But don't hold your breath.


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