Thanksgiving is coming!!

Actually, it's almost here. Today and yesterday, I've been baking and cooking all afternoon to get ready for the big day. So far I've made:
pumpkin pie
chocolate cake
cranberry sauce
bread (both cornbread and white) for stuffing
wheat bread to eat
dressing for the salad
toasted pecans for the salad
sweet potato casserole
turkey brine
a birthday cake (somehow at Jeff's work he was responsible for bringing birthday cake in today for a coworker, so I made it for him.) :)

All this work really makes me appreciate my mom, who always seems to pull together these beautiful, elaborate and tasty meals quite easily. With at least 2 kinds of meat. But as for me, I'm tired. I still need to make baked oatmeal for tomorrow morning. Yum. With pears on top. Even yummer.

So it's back to the kitchen for me!


Melanie said…
We miss you guys and wish we were Thanksgiving-ing together with you this year, again!

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