Says You!

Jeff and I just returned from one of the most fun evenings we've had in a while. As you may have read, for my birthday, I got tickets to Says You, this smart and funny show that we listen to on NPR, and tonight was THE night.

If you ever have the chance, definitely go. It's always somewhat strange when you actually see the people connected to all the voices you've been hearing coming through the radio. I guess I imagined everyone a little different.

Here is the only photo I took, since right after I took this one, the usher told me I had to put my camera away or they would confiscate it. Sheesh. A few minutes later, she did actually come back over because she is thinking about buying a digital camera and wanted to know what kind I had. I was sorely tempted to turn off the flash and take another photo during the show, but Jeff wouldn't let me. I guess that's what I get for marrying a man who is honorable and ethical and an all-around good guy.
So it's a pretty bad photo and definitely doesn't do justice to all the fun we had.

We learned.....
scruto is a trap door used in theater made from whale bone (a very useful word, I know.)
gib is acting cat-like (so the next time someone tries to bite you after you've been petting them, you'll know what to call them.)
lampas is horse gingivitis (yuck)
grimthorpe means to renovate something without sensitivity, knowledge, or taste. (there definitely are some houses around here that would qualify. Actually, our house, when we bought it and before we did some renovations of our own that involved at least some knowledge and taste probably qualified. There was pressboard covering the walls in the kitchen downstairs. Need I say more?)

the best one of all....
olf ..... a unit of measurement for the average amount of odor produced by the average person

yes....they actually measure it. And I think that if they measured it around here, or at least if they sampled a few choice locations (hospital and bank) their average would be quite a bit higher than in other parts of the country.

I'm not trying to act gib, but I should now flee through the scruto, avoid getting lampas, and try not to grimthorpe my house. Because then there might be more than a few olfs in this room.


Melanie said…
I love Says You, and they don't play it on our NPR up here. Sad. I suppose I should find it online but I haven't thought do to that yet.

So is grimthorpe a verb or an adjective? Was our kitchen grimthorpe, or had it been grimthorped?
Anonymous said…
I think there should be a contest for "best snappy comeback to the usher" who threatened to confiscate your camera and then returned to get the specs.

One possibility: "You wouldn't want this one, the olfometer's been going crazy ever since you last stopped by."

Maybe there's something more funny yet also honorable and ethical. Jeff?
Aubrey said…
To the best of my knowledge, grimthorpe is a verb. Apparently, this word is an eponym for some guy who was renovating this cathedral in england, and everyone thought he did a horrible job, thus coining the term. I just googled him, and apparently he put up statues of the four gospel writers, and gave Matthew his own face. Hmm. Thus, we can describe your kitchen as having been "grimthorped."
Anonymous said…
Great new Scrabble words!
Connie Ekberg

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