My Day at Work.

Today at work, I got to go have some fun at the hospital. We went over and set up a table hawking our wares to try and drum up some new business. We were meagerly successful, people trickled by our little table, most asking questions, some actually signing up for accounts. Business-wise, doing this is always a bad way to get new business. But the best part by far of these little "on-sights" is the people watching. Particularly today. We set up our table at a busy intersection in the Children's Hospital, between the cafeteria and the gift shop, so I had a prime view of busy foot traffic. It was quite fun. Right in front of our table was a blind intersection, and I witnessed hundreds of near miss colissions. The variety of people walking by was amazing, highlights include...

- One adorable little boy with a round face and shaved head being pulled around in a wagon while connected to his IV, he got very excited every time they passed the Christmas tree. Later a little black girl was in the wagon, and she had bright pink casts on both feet.

- Several dogs walked by. Aubrey tells me they go into sick kids rooms and do tricks.

- Lots of weary looking people in scrubs.

- Lots of doctors. Some gregarious ones in groups (probably primary care), some confident, non-social ones (probably surgeons), some very detail-oriented ones (probably ENT's), and some gentle kindly looking ones (probably Ped's?).

- Several preppy looking 20-somethings wearing Northface backpacks (probably Med students).

- One man wearing a red vest, designating him as a volunteer, with a very very stern face was pacing around with a cart, stacked with a cooler, sternly offering people bottles of water. I gladly accepted.

- Many families, some with suitcases. I felt bad for them, cause they're probably in for the long haul.

- Many grungy looking people from the janitorial and maintenance staffs. I recognized several of these people from the credit union, and many of them said hi as they passed. None of the doctors said hi.

I finished my trip to the hospital with a pepperoni pizza from the cafeteria, it was excellent.


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