Phase 2

After exterminating the dust bunnies in our bedroom, I decided next to move on to the bathroom. We have one small bathroom in our apartment. It used to be part of the porch, since this house was built before indoor plumbing. Like all traditional Charleston homes, the porch on our house is slanted to prevent it from flooding during heavy rains that we get here, much like the storm outside right now. When our house was redone, whoever enclosed the bathroom decided to leave the bathroom floor slanted. I think we could consider our bathroom to have been grimthorped. It is definitely my least favorite room. Plus the tub is old and never looks clean, the toilet is jammed into the corner and wobbles, and we have no counter space.

But the bathroom was due for a really good cleaning and organizing. And it looks so much better now! I again forgot to take a before photo, but here are some good "during" photos.

Here I am distracted by some cute nail polish I found and then promptly used to paint my toenails.

Here is the finished product:

Here is a curtain I sewed to cover up some ugly shelves that have been bothering me for a while. And just so you know, behind the curtain are three very organized and clean shelves.

There's so little space in the bathroom I couldn't get a very good shot of it. And lastly, here is the little cabinet unitwe got to replace the other one we had which didn't have a drawer, and so our stuff was out all the time.

And now we have a nicer bathroom!


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