I am a sewing machine....

At least it sort of feels like it. Ever since I got my new machine, it feels like all I have been doing is sewing. Thankfully, my machine does the hard part. I have been working on various Christmas presents, which I can't post photos of. But I'm excited. And then to go along with the tree skirt I made, using all the extra fabric, I made some stockings. I was definitely excited about how they look.

Here is a closeup of the fabric I used in both the stockings and the tree skirt.

A few weeks ago, I ordered some quilt squares from ebay, and they finally arrived. Now I have small pieces of lots of great fabrics. It should be fun using these in various projects.

And here is a nice picture from our hike, just because I thought it was nice.


Melanie said…
Go Aubrey, go. Those stockings are CUTE.

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